Monday, January 26, 2009

TVXQ Signature Jewellery

동방신기와 팬의 여러분이 한 살이 될 수 있는 아이템을!
그렇다고 하는 컨셉의 아래 태어난 이번 쥬얼리 「signature」.
동방신기를 이미지 한 매력은, 센터에 다이아몬드를 다룬 고급감 흘러넘치는 디자인.
이면에“TOHOSHINKI”의 문자가 각인 된 이니셜 매력은, 전18형. 좋아하는 이니셜을 선택해!

Rough translation:
a) according to , the metal is only 0.925 sterling silver and the diamond is only 0.03 carats.
b) have a diamond in them
c)“TOHOSHINKI” letters were stamped on back
d) have a high class feeling

Price: For the letter A + Charm, it's 通常価格:¥25,000(税込)
(25,000 yen is roughly $281)

Purchase Link:

Credits: DNBN + suah @ LJ


nime said...

what is the letter for changmin? or is it a shape?

優しい殺人者 said...

It's the letter C. I thought it was a heart but it was just because of the star charm on top.

Does anyone know how we can get these? mu-mo doesn't ship internationally.

Angel said...

The necklaces are so cute! I wish they'd sell it here in S'pore. Are the letters customisable?

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