Friday, January 30, 2009

[TRANS] PINKY 3月: Counselor's Office

Fan 1: I am also interested in the boy my best friend likes. We're not dating, but we've been meeting up in secret and I feel guilty about it.

YH: Why Did I Fall In Love With You...........? (T/N: The title of their song, どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう 8D)

YC: Idiot~! Ahahaha!!!

JJ: *plainly* Men choose friendship over love!

YC: I'd give up on a girl if my best friend liked her, definitely.

JJ: I'd do something about it to make myself not fall in love with her. I'd look for all her bad points and give up.

PINKY: How about Junsu?


All: *burst out laughing*

JS: If I fell in love with her it would be a showdown! I would fight in order to obtain love.

YC: But isn't love not something to do with who wins or who's in the wrong?

JJ: That's certainly true. For example, if I ended up falling in love with the girl Yoochun liked, I'd say, "Yoochun, I'm going to give up on her so you definitely have to give her happiness." And then, if Yoochun broke up with her......I'd date her *laughs*! I'd say, "I'll give you happiness in Yoochun's place."

CM: Huhhhh...*sighs* I've always thought this, but....if that person really was a best friend I was really close to, a BEST FRIEND (T/N: said in English), I would give up on her first.

JS: Changmin is really that type of guy!

PINKY: Everyone, have you had that kind of experience? Where you stole your friend's girlfriend or something...Ah, you're grinning!!

CM: Me?!?! No, not me! IT'S NOT ME!!

JS: No, there was, but he only realized after doing it...


CM: I've never told Junsu that......


CM: But he's right...

JS: I know just by looking at your eyes...

YC: There was, there was something like that! The girl I liked had a boyfriend at first. When she broke up with him and was feeling really depressed, I started dating her myself!

YH: As for me, a long time ago, two months after I broke up with my girlfriend, my best friend started going out with her...

(The five members simultaneously start talking about their own stories)

PINKY: Um~ our reader's problem...?

YH: I think it might be good for her to talk to her best friend honestly about what's been going on. And I think she should confess to that guy about her feelings. If you like him that much, you should say so, after all. If would be better for you to give up on him soon.

YC: He may not be the guy of your destiny.


Translation Credits: pinkulemon @ LJ

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